urban & ABC

Urban Dictionary


1. What’s your name?

The SExiest name evar!!! Who ever has this name is beastly awesome and has amazing friends and his awesomeness usually rubs off on them. People with the name Eduard aren’t many so they are very unique.


a useless person who is most certainly a noob at life. he’s normally an azn who wears poc noob glasses, he loves lil’ flip girls with the name lee. he’s the most pathetic and dumbest person you will ever meet..if you meet him, just kill yourself.

2. Your age?

Age norfs gonna die from overweight and clogaged arteries.

3. One of your friends?


an amazing guy. a danny can be defined by 5 words; funny, cute, unique, impressive, & huggable. danny’s are people you can’t help but love. & who could turn down a danny?

4. What should you be doing?

Taking words and images in your mind and dumping them onto paper.

5. Birth place

A wonderful country whose army occupied Hungary three times over the past one hundred years. This makes Hungarian wimps angry, so they write fake entries on this website.

6. Birth Month

A month when hot sexy Taurus’s are born; The month your parents had sex in if your birthday is in February. :>

7. Last person you talked to?

Old Gaelic slang for penis :))))) (mi-a venit in minte o injuratura de aseara).

Mai departe cui doreste.


– Available: Nope. Dar mai vorbim.

– Age: 18

– Annoyance: Stupidity, Boredom, Diriga.

– Allergic: –

– Animal: Dog.

– Actor: –

– Beer: Timisoreana.

– Birthday/Birthplace: 16 mai 1992, Lehliu.

– Best Friends: Ce leapsa nesimtita.

– Body Part on opposite sex: Eyes, legs. 😀

– Best feeling in the world: Ramaneti aproape.

– Blind or Deaf: Dead. 😀

– Best weather: September – October.

– Been in Love: Yes.

– Been bitched out?: Heh.

– Been on stage?: Yes, when I was a little child. Don’t remember anything.

– Believe in yourself?: Of corz.

– Believe in life on other planets: No. I’m a realistic person.

– Believe in miracles: No.

– Believe in Magic: No.

– Believe in God: No.

– Believe in Satan: No.

– Believe in Santa: Yes.

– Believe in Ghosts/spirits: No, but they scare me anyway. 😀

– Car: Peugeot 407.

– Candy: I like the candy, I like the chocolate. 😀

– Color: Green, purple, red.

– Cried in school: Don’t remember.

– Chocolate/Vanilla: Vanilla.

– Chinese/Mexican: Mexican.

– Cake or pie: Pie.

– Countries to visit: Egypt, Finland, France.

– Day or Night: Night.

– Dream vehicle: –

– Danced: Don’t get it.

– Dance in the rain?: Yes.

– Dance in the middle of the street?: Done. Traiasca berea.

– Eggs: I like eggs. Is there sth I’m supposed to say about eggs? Ok.

– Eyes: Hazel – Green.

– Everyone has: qualities.

– Ever failed a class?: Nope.

– First crush: :-??

– Full name: HEHEHE.

– First thoughts waking up: How long did I sleep for? Life sucks.

– Food: I love food. I eat a lot. Junk food rules.

– Greatest Fear: :-??

– Giver or taker: Both.

– Goals: To reach next level of happiness.

– Gum: 5.

– Good luck charms: –

– Hair Colour:  Light Brown.

– Height: Don’t know.

– Happy: I guess.

– Holidays: Are ok.

– How do you want to die: In a way so it will be a drama for everyone. :>

– Health freak?: Don’t give a fuck about it.

– Hate: Stupidity.

(In guys/girls)
– Eye colour: Doesn’t matter.

– Hair Color: Don’t care.

– Height: Shorter than me.

– Clothing Style: –

– Characteristics: Able to make me laugh.

– Ice Cream: Vanilla.

– Instrument: Acoustic Guitar.

– Jewelry: Nop.

– Job: Student.

– Kids: Don’t care about them.

– Kickboxing or karate: None.

– Keep a journal?: No. Did when I was a little child.

– Longest Car Ride: Don’t remember.

– Love: Myself, Autumn, Music, Math, Coca Cola.

– Laughed so hard you cried: Few times.

– Love at first sight: No.

– Milk flavour: !?!?

– Movie: The Butterfly Effect 1.

– Mooned anyone?: Yes.

– Marriage: What’s its point?

– Motion sickness?: No.

– McD’s or BK: Both.

– Number of Siblings: 1

– Number of Piercings: Not anymore.

– Number: 2, 16.

– Overused Phrases: :-??

– One phobia: Frogs.

– Place you’d like to live: France, England, Finland, Canada.

– Pepsi/Coke: Coke!

– Quail: Didn’t discover.

– Reason to cry: –

– Reality T.V.: No.

– Radio Station: Many.

– Roll your tongue in a circle?: :>

– Song: Many…

– Shoe size: 42-43

– Sushi: Things to try list.

– Skipped school: Haha.

– Slept outside: Many times.

– Seen a dead body?: Yes.

– Smoked?: I’m a smoker.

– Skinny dipped?: No.

– Shower daily?: Yes.

– Sing well?: No.

– In the shower?: No.

– Swear?: Yes.

– Stuffed Animals?: No.

– Single/Group dates: Group dates.

– Strawberries/Blueberries: None.

– Scientists need to invent: I’m not in the mood for thinking right now. Just woke up.

– Time for bed: There is no time for bed.

– Thunderstorms: Kinda don’t like them.

– Touch your tongue to your nose?: No.

– Unpredictable: 5%.

– Under the influence?: Alcohol fucks me hard.

– Understanding?: oiejrfekwjnfohfoinerfvermvfercer.

– Vegetable you hate: :-??

– Vegetable you love: Lettuce.

– Vacation spot: Ramaneti aproape.

– Weakness: 😛

– Which one of your friends acts the most like you: Raluca. Si Cocutsa, daca nu ne uitam la figurile de o versiune a Rihannei fara sentimente.

– Who makes you laugh the most: Alex.

– Worst feeling: M-a stresat maxim leapsa asta.

– Wanted to be a model?: No.

– Where do we go when we die: Don’t know yet, I’ll tell you.

– Walk with a book on your head?: No.

– X-Rays: No.

-Year it is now: 2010

-Yellow: Coldplay! :X

– Zoo animal: Don’t like animals.

– Zodiac sign: Taurus.

1. Slept in a bed beside you?: Manu.
2. Last person to see you cry?: Don’t remember. Many, anyway.
3. Went to the movies with you?: Don’t remember.
4. You went to the mall with?: Dany. Don’t like malls.
5. You went to dinner with?: Don’t remember.
6. You talked to on the phone?: Lory.
7. Made you laugh?: Lory, last night.]



6 Responses to “urban & ABC”

  1. 1 someone 13 August 2010 at 00:16

    obositoare leapsa…

  2. 2 daniel 13 August 2010 at 01:48

    apreciez boss…>:D:D<

  3. 3 Ci. Em. 13 August 2010 at 17:56

    =)))) You know I love you 2 >:D<

  4. 5 Ci. Em. 18 August 2010 at 10:32

    Normal ca nu intelegi, nici eu nu stiu ce dracu vroiam sa spun 😕
    Eram la munte, in urma cu somnul, iar neuronul meu era afectat de aerul de acolo 😀
    Cred ca ideea principala era: Love you too.

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