good evening, peoples

AS: M-am folosit de engleza Innei ca sa fac postul. AS2: Se citeste in genul “uan ciu frii”.

Well, my parents is read this blogging so I wants for speaking in english language because of the they don’t understanding very much english so because of Inna existed, I’m glad that so I can much use this kind of tongue.

Friday, we no school going and after classes we go to the fast food and then happened an interested things if you don’t know I will tell you. I drinking some cherry juice with alchool in it. That opening ours apetite and continue with wine and beer so we were drunk. That’s amazing, I know!!!1! I forgot to say that I was with a cool crew around us.

Saturday, we were so tired, boring and we see my death woth my eyes went to the train station with my friends talking very much and so we were drunk, we got beer and cigarettes and so I threw up. That’s cool, I know so then after all I going to Ibiza Summer Club (although it is much spring), because Misters Nusha talked to me and ask me to go with her so I went, of course. Then, we have fun very much so I drink again so I had much more fun than before. It is too good. I went home and I fall asleep.

Sunday (or Fakeday if you wanting), I was tired and boring and I go out.. No, no drinking today again, because… oh my god! I forget to say that the day before my girlfriend “give me the shoes” because she has a friend that is removing her well thinking so I say this I am glad. Life is beautiful. I want to drink but no drink for me because I want to keep myself awaking for saturday night, then we go to a cool place in the forests with a tent with I. It will be cool and I drink enough for forgeting what happen in my life before it.

Today it has been raining all day long so I went out. No, no drinking I tell you that. We played pool so I win I am very glad. Tomorrow, I and my classmates have to go out and recycling all the stuff from the streets. The day after tomorrow we will skip classes because of the teachers (that’s the definition google translate gave me for “greva”) so I am very glad.
I hope my life soon changes or I will go mad and go emo and I will listen to Inna.

I am write this post from english because everyone knows english nowadays and all will understaning because now they have blogs in english. Whatevers.



8 Responses to “good evening, peoples”

  1. 1 Robert 20 April 2010 at 21:47

    :)):)) zici INNA,o my god:))e bine ca te-ai distrat sambata,ai uitat de probleme si restu’ nu mai conteaza:D
    dabia astept maine la strans gunoaie daca nu ploua 😦
    ,,I hope my life soon changes or I will go mad and go emo and I will listen to Inna” ce ma nu asculti 10 minutes? restul chestiilor vin de la sine 😉

  2. 4 Andreuts 21 April 2010 at 13:04

    imi place chestia cu google translate =))

  3. 5 Ionu 21 April 2010 at 20:39

    Esti un idiot, incerci s-o ironizezi pe Inna, dar ai la fel de multe greseli ca si ea in exprimare. Invata engleza.

  4. 7 unul din doi 21 April 2010 at 20:59

    Te-a chemat cineva p’aici sau esti vr’un prieten d’al mamei Cos’ ? Oricine ai fi…stai linistit :))

  5. 8 sleeplessme 22 April 2010 at 00:01

    1.”Ve ve ve punt gugal punt ruo”
    2.”Searci! Ce mama mea inseamna si ‘searci’?”
    3.”Blog Edy si Lory”
    4.”Posturi in limba anglioana”
    5.”Cee te dai mare ca tu stii ca eu stiu ca tu stii sa vorbesti limba aia??”
    6.”De-te-n ca-pu’ lu’ m*-ta ca io stiu ca esti prost si faci casto de altii da nici tu nu stii d-aia”

    Cius, gutuie!

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